"SKYLUX Lighting" is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of engineering lighting products. Products include ceiling light series, down light series, office series, track light series, fiber optic series, wall corner light series, spot light series, light strip series, strip light series, buried light series, underwater light series, plug mud light Thousands of indoor and outdoor high-end lighting fixtures, including series, light sources, electrical appliances, and control equipment, mainly serve high-end markets such as five-star hotels, luxury villas, brand stores, high-end clubs, and municipal engineering projects.

As the sole operator of “SKYLUX Lighting” in China, the New World Bank Group fully implements the ERP management information system and adopts the most advanced advanced lighting development, production, and inspection technologies to integrate art and technology into lighting fixtures to meet Chinese and foreign standards. The requirements of the lighting engineering designer to create the best lighting effects.

 "SKYLUX Lighting" always provides professional lighting design for scientific systems, providing superior quality professional lighting equipment, and providing a comprehensive professional lighting service system.