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Qingdao SCO Conference Center

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The SCO Qingdao Summit was held in Qingdao on June 9th. This is the fourth time that the SCO has come to China, the birthplace of the SCO. It is also the first summit held after the SCO’s expansion. While China’s wisdom, Chinese programs, and Chinese contributions will once again affect the world, the summit will be hosted by the new Wenzhou lighting contractor's main conference room, press release center, Chinese VIP lounge, Chinese VIP reception room, and foreign VIP lounges. The lighting products such as the VIP toilet, the Guanhai promenade, the welcome hall, and the multi-function hall also entered the eyes of people all over the world. For the pursuit of perfection and beauty, the new Wenzhou lighting craftsmen have unveiled the most perfect side of the product through uncompromising attention to craftsmanship and ingenuity.
Welcome hall
       Into the lobby of the ground floor of the venue, the top of the warm light ceiling lighting is a combination of the same section with the same section of lighting, each lamp weighs 560 pounds, all vertically hoisted by 4 wire ropes with a diameter of 8 mm, installation At that time, eight workers pushed the scaffold and three workers boarded the 16-meter roof for installation. It took five days to complete the installation. This is the largest weight per unit of wire rope hoisting, and it is the highest in the lifting speed. The linear and arc connection requirements of the lighting fixture are very precise. The transmittance of the transmissive enclosure can meet the luminous flux of 1500 lumens. At the same time, the power of the LED strip must not exceed the rated power specified by the project department, and it also requires LED driver can achieve 0-10V dimming, and dimming can not flash, these are the technical difficulties of this lighting, our company is also through the organization of technical department elite, for this lighting processing difficulties, after special technical research Summing up the relevant processing experience, it finally made this product to meet the requirements of the project department.
▲ Welcome hall craft lamp
Bilateral conference room
       The corridors of the bilateral conference rooms are connected with the central axis of the hallway. The indoor ceiling takes on the meaning of Jerry in the welcome hall caisson, and it is arranged in an array according to the spatial form, which is elegant and elegant. The top of the crystal ceiling lamp, light illumination, space, soft colors, comfortable atmosphere, very good to meet the needs of the meeting.
▲ bilateral meeting room crystal lamp
Function Room
       The multi-function hall of the main venue of the SCO Qingdao Summit was installed and arranged in an evenly distributed manner with 5 crystal lamps of the same specifications and specifications. A total of 210,000 decorative crystal balls were hand-mounted by our workers. Stringing and hanging, 80 people, 15 days, the crystal lamp's exquisite and neat, beautiful. This lighting is a large crystal decorative lamp, in addition to the distribution of lights, the uniform distribution of decorative pendants, there is the need for years of craftsman's experience and extraordinary craftsmanship to make large lamps to be flat to make the overall majestic, crystal brilliant effect . In order to save manual hanging time and hanging effect, our technicians have come up with a new type of hanging production method after many tests and special technical breakthroughs. At present, this hanging production method has been applied for utility model patent technology.
▲ multifunction hall crystal lamp
▲ Crystal light weighing about 8 tons
▲ crystal ball handmade installation
View of the sea promenade
       The Guanhai Corridor acts as an indirect connection space between the exterior and interior of the building, continuing the basic shape of the building's exterior cladding, and refining the lighting and material craftsmanship in the interior to achieve the harmony of the interior decoration and the outdoor molding. Increase the sense of space art experience.
▲ Guanhai Promenade
Qilu Hall
▲ Qilu Hall Wall Light