"Austin Lighting" is a rare luxury and exclusive high-end independent brand in the lighting industry. It creates light and beauty for life with its unique elegant taste, and writes extraordinary achievements in life, creating a classic in the industry.

       The brand “Austin Lighting” elaborated by the new Wenxing Group creates the noble spirit of the lighting industry with demanding eyes and creative artworks. At present, Austen Lighting has established several flagship stores in major cities throughout the country. , Stores, for the villas, clubs, hardcover room, sample room, sales department, self-built luxury homes and other high-end consumers to provide more professional, efficient and thoughtful product supply and after-sales service.

     "Auderstin Lighting" production includes: European, New Chinese, American, light luxury, art glass and other products, products leading the trend of the lighting industry, advocated the luxury of successful people, will share with you every romantic With warm moments. Today, this gorgeous experience, which once belonged to only a handful of people, will come to you and experience with you the beautiful beauty of lighting art.

       Oterstin - extraordinary achievements!